Add Colour To A White Bathroom

Many bathrooms today are white and it’s no surprise why that is – white bathrooms can sometimes make a small bathroom seem slightly more spacious due to the lightness and brightness of the colour. White is a neutral colour and can be used for any style of bathroom, whether traditional, modern or contemporary.

A white bathroom is also beneficial if selling your home as potential buyers can more easily alter a white bathroom to suit their needs more than any other colour.

However, if you feel like adding a splash of colour to your white bathroom, without distracting from our crisp and clean white bathroom, this can easily be done without painting, retiling or most importantly, breaking the bank.

You can choose whatever colour you like to add to your white bathroom but we recommend a bold colour to complement the white. You can choose to implement as few or as many of the ideas that we suggest, choose what is right for you and your bathroom!

Colourful Towels and Bath Mats

A quick and easy way to instantly add colour to your white bathroom is to place colourful towels and bath mats. Placing towels on your radiator and over the bath and a bath mat on the floor quickly breaks up the white and injects colour to the room. Towels and bath mats are a great way to add colour and can be changed to whatever colour you want whenever the mood strikes!

Shower Curtains

Adding a colourful shower curtain livens up a white bathroom. If you choose to invest in a colourful shower curtain, why not choose a multi-coloured curtain. This means that if you change the colour of your towels and bath mats, then most likely your shower curtain will contain that new colour meaning that you won’t need to change that too!


Placing the same coloured accessories is a more subtle way of showing a cohesive collection. This can include anything from candles, small vases, and even your shampoo! Invest in coloured assorted bottles which you can put your soap, shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, etc in. These bottles pretty up your essential bathroom products.

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