The Best Flooring For Pet Owners

When building, extending or remodeling your home it’s second nature to consider the flooring choices for your DIY project – but it becomes an even more important decision when you have a pet (or pets) in the home.


We’re a nation of pet lovers, which makes it all the more high priority to consider flooring that will not only withstand the effects of our furry, four legged friends, but will also look great with minimal effort – after all, who doesn’t love an easy life? So what are the best flooring options for pets in the home? Let’s take a closer look…


Wood Flooring

Creating a warm and inviting feel in the home, real wood flooring is traditionally one of the most desirable flooring options on the market today. Though it is a healthy and environmentally friendly choice, hardwood flooring is not the best option for homes with pets.


Pet urine can stain the hardwood and leave behind a terrible smell and dark spot stain in the wood. Even if any accidents are cleaned up quickly, they can still seep into the wood somewhat and cause damage. Removing stains may eventually require complete stripping, sanding and finishing of the floor/patch of floor that’s been affected – which can cause a fair amount of hassle and expense.


Another thing to consider is where your pet’s water bowl is placed. If you do have hardwood flooring, it’s important to place a mat underneath the bowl to protect the wood from spills and drips as moisture can cause the wood to swell and contract.


Another factor to consider is your pet’s claws. Keeping nails trimmed is all the more important with real wood flooring to avoid strenuous scratches that can occur as pets walk and run across the floor. Coating the floor with a high quality urethane will help the flooring becoming more scratch resistant.


Vinyl Flooring

While many wouldn’t traditionally consider vinyl flooring to an ideal option for pet owners, the new luxury varieties are an excellent choice for homes with pets. Thanks to its versatility, water and scratch resistant nature and easy-clean low maintenance nature, vinyl is quickly becoming a popular choice for heavy traffic areas in the home such as kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and conservatories.


An ideal alternative to real wood flooring, many of the design options offer the visual appeal of hardwood flooring, minus the hassle.


It is easy to clean any muddy paw prints and water bowl spills – and any accidents your pet might have won’t stain or leave a lingering smell. Many of the new luxury varieties are also scratch and slip resistant, are quieter underfoot and provide a softer surface for your pet, too.

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One of the best flooring choices you can use in a home with pets is tiles – and they make an ideal option when it comes to withstanding the daily wear and tear, too. Porcelain and ceramic floor tiles won’t scratch easily, are easy to clean if muddy paws make their way indoors and won’t stain if your furry friend has any accidents. If you love the warmth that real wood floors bring to the home, then wood effect porcelain tiles make an ideal alternative. Though you might not be able to Spot the Difference **link to spot the difference blog** you will notice the benefits. With all the beauty of real wood flooring, wood effect tiles come with none of the hard cleaning and upkeep – and will keep looking like new no matter how much your pet runs around and plays in the home.


If a cold floor is putting you off, tiles pair wonderfully with underfloor heating systems for a real toasty feel underfoot. Not only is this an efficient way to heat the home, but will also free up plenty of wall space, too.

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Due to its sturdy nature, many pet owners might turn to laminate flooring as an alternative to real hardwood floors. Though, while it may be visually ideal, laminate flooring provides a difficult surface for pets as they will slip and slide around the home. Though this flooring type can easily withstand pets – and is an easy choice to clean and maintain – it may cause damage to pet’s joints and hips thanks to the slippery nature of the surface. If you are opting for laminate flooring, it may be best to lay rugs and mats to make your pet more comfortable.

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