How To Lighten Up Dark Rooms In The Home

How To Lighten Up Dark Rooms In The Home

Do you have dark, small-feeling rooms in the home? You’re not alone! Restricted living space and a distinct lack of sunlight in the UK means that many new build properties and city homes alike don’t naturally benefit from the light and airy feel that we desire.

If you have a room – or rooms – that fall into this category then all is not lost as there are plenty of design tricks to brighten up a dark room and create the illusion of light and space.


Opting for light, bright neutrals is a go-to interior design hack for instantly uplifting a dull, dark room. Choose shades of brilliant whites, creams, greys and beiges for a light and airy backdrop.

Matt Finish

It may seem counter-intuitive but glossy finishes will actually create a glare instead of reflecting light equally. Matt finishes, on the other hand, will distribute light reflection equally to make a small room seem more spacious.

Shiny Things

While you don’t want to opt for glossy finishes on walls, reflective surfaces can help bounce light around a room to your favour. Opting for metallic and mirror effect mosaics, furnishings, fixtures and accessories will help create the right amount of glimmer to add a feel of light and shine in a previously small-feeling room.


And while gloss on walls may be a no-go for creating the illusion of space, carefully selected gloss-finish flooring can help create the right amount of light and shine in a small, dark space.


It’s also possible to double the appearance of size in an interior space with carefully placed mirrors. Hanging a large mirror opposite a window, a arranging a set of small mirrors in a confined space will help bounce light around to open up the room.


Another simple way to create the illusion of space is to play around with light. Carefully installed light fittings (in the ceiling and around mirrors) will create a light, bright, look in an otherwise dark living space.