How To Use Tiles To Enhance Your Living Room

Forget wall-to-wall carpet and plain painted walls, if you’re looking to add some real character to the living room, then tiles are the perfect solution.


Perhaps more traditionally associated with kitchens and bathrooms in the UK, tiles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for both walls and floors of other rooms in the home.


Harder wearing than their hardwood and carpet counterparts, porcelain and ceramic tiles don’t scratch and mark, won’t fade or discolour over time, and are easy to clean and maintain. This makes them an ideal choice for families, heavy traffic areas in the home, pet owners and anyone looking for a low-maintenance flooring alternative.


Aside from ticking all the boxes when it comes to practicality, tiles also offer endless options for getting creative. If you’re looking to make a statement then the hearth of a fireplace is an ideal place to start. Our best-selling Walls tiles **link to:**, and these Karachi Ivory Décor Tiles **link to:** will add plenty of rustic charm to a living area – and make for an ideal way to incorporate the latest trend for bringing the outdoors inside. 

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If you’re looking to make more of a statement then the hearth is also the perfect place to showcase artisan tiles that are just too pretty use in any other room. We love the intricate details of these Umbria Décor patchwork print tiles **link to:**, while the cool Scandinavian vibe of these StoneWorx printed tiles **link to:** will add plenty of Nordic charm.


Brick-effect tiles also work well for fireplace hearths and statement walls, alike. From creating the rustic warmth of a country cottage to the cool urban feel of an industrial style New York loft – there are plenty of varieties now available to suit all styles and tastes. The warm tones of these Chicago State Street tiles **link to:** will add a real rustic feel to the living room, while these Old School Beige brick-effect tiles **link to:** will make a real statement.


Living room floors are also an ideal place to make a statement with subtly patterned tiles. A huge trend in the Mediterranean, tiled floors now work well in all climates thanks to their perfect pairing with toasty underfloor heating systems. These pretty printed Fame Gris tiles **link to:** will add a cool, contemporary Scandi feel to modern living rooms, while these Riabita Shabby Chic Fabric printed tiles **link to:** will add a subtle hit of luxe to a living area.

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When it comes to living room flooring, we also can’t get enough of the growing trend for wood-effect tiles. Aside from their desirable prices and practicality, digitally printed wood effect porcelain and ceramic tiles also offer endless choice when it comes to style and design. From warm and rustic to classic and rich, cool urban chic to a laidback beach house feel – there’s a style to suit all tastes.

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