Spring Clean Your Home – Scandi Style

With a focus on minimalist style and a relaxed way of life – there’s no better inspiration for this year’s spring clean than Denmark’s most-wanted ‘Hygge’ look.


With no direct English translation, Hygge simply represents a culture of cosiness, joy and wellbeing – so it’s little wonder that Denmark is often voted as one of the happiest countries in the world.


Want to add some extra happiness to your home this spring? Our Tile&BathCo design experts explain how to use a mixture of colours, textures and accessories get the look…




Key to transforming your home into a haven of Hygge is to incorporate luxurious textures. From silky soft cashmere and faux fur throws to cosy knitted cushions, textured accessories are an essential feature for this Scandi Trend. To really embrace the look, layering tactile surfaces – think fluffy woolen and sheepskin rugs on natural wood (or wood-effect) flooring – will instantly add a warm and welcoming feel.


Get the look:

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Lighting is key to creating the calm and cosy atmosphere that’s central to a Hygge home. Emphasize natural light with bright white walls and mirrors for daytime,  and create added cosiness for the evenings with carefully placed lamps and plenty of candles.


Less Is More

Minimalism, but with added warmth, is key to the Hygge look. Carefully chosen furniture and accessories, paired with savvy storage solutions, will allow you to create a space that’s equally calm, cosy and clutter-free.



The Natural Look 

This Scandi style shuns synthetic materials in favour of raw, natural finishes. Natural stones (or stone-effects) and welcoming wood (or wood-effect) finishes help create the warm and inviting atmosphere that’s central to Hygge.

Click here to see the benefits of wood-effect tiles **link to: http://www.tileandbathco.com/blog/feature/2016/spot-the-difference-the-benefits-of-wood-effect-tiles/**


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White Out

Scandinavian homes favour a white colour palette for many reasons. Not only will it give your home an instant contemporary lift, but it never dates, accentuates natural daylight, makes a space seem larger and will draw attention to the features and finishing touches of your room’s décor.


Get The Look:

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