The Benefits Of: Slim Rectified Tiles

Celebrated in the architectural and interior design worlds for both their visual and technical benefits, thin porcelain tiles are becoming a popular choice for homes looking for added finesse and an ultra lux finish.


But what exactly are slim rectified tiles  – and why are they so popular?


The growing appeal of ultra thin porcelain tiles is largely thanks to their material composition and manufacturing techniques.


While standard tiles are made using wet clay, porcelain tiles are formed from the dry dust of high quality porcelain clays, which results in a finer-grained tile that’s harder and smoother than its ceramic counterparts. 


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Created using a much higher temperature than baked ceramic varieties, porcelain tiles have a lower water absorption – which makes them tougher, longer lasting and far more resistant to extreme conditions and heavy footfall than ceramic alternatives.


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Respectful of the environment, slim porcelain tiles are an ecological choice as they reduce both emissions and waste. This makes them an ideal choice if you’re an environmentally conscious person looking to minimize the carbon footprint of your home. The tiles’ super slim nature (our slim rectified tiles are only 6mm thick) also decreases the logistical costs of storage and transport, too – which makes them all the more gentle on the environment.


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Aside from their favourable composition and environmental benefits, slim porcelain tiles boast a rectified finish that adds style, elegance and distinction to the home. Furthermore, the intermediate dimensions of our slim rectified tiles makes them a highly versatile choice for both floors and walls in the home.


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When it comes to fitting, this tile choice is easy to handle and more productive than other tile choices on the market.

Thanks to their super slim nature, these tiles are suitable for fixing on other materials and are available in a wide variety of textures and colours to suit all styles of home décor.

 Slim rectified tiles don’t need any special utensil or cutting tool ­ – the cutting procedure is exactly the same as that used for cutting ceramic standard thickness, and can be used to cut power outage or water. They can also be drilled using the same type of drill and drill bits employed for the standard ceramic and porcelain thickness.