Buying Guide: Mirrors

bathroom mirror is the finishing touch to your bathroom. They can be the stylish focal point of your bathroom and can even create the feeling of light and spaciousness even in the smallest of bathrooms due to their ability of bouncing light around the room.

There are a few different bathroom mirror types which we will run through below. Which one you go for is down to personal preference and the style and size of your bathroom setting.

Bathroom Mirrors

Our range of bathroom mirrors are simple but very stylish. Their minimal and timeless design means that they are suitable for almost every bathroom setting. They can also be hung vertically or horizontally – it’s all down to personal preference! Some of these bathroom mirrors have a stylish bevelled edge – they will certainly be a head-turner!

Mirror Cabinets

Mirror cabinets are a very popular option as they double up as excellent storage space. You get to store all of your bathroom items, cosmetics and medicines while still having easy access to them when needed and ensuring that your bathroom is constantly tidy and clutter-free! Our mirror cabinets are available in a range of sizes and styles to suit your bathroom.

Illuminated / LED Mirrors

Illuminated and LED mirrors are becoming very popular options these days. Mirrors naturally reflect the light and bounce it around the room creating the effect of spaciousness and lightness but our illuminated and LED mirrors takes this to a whole new level, especially if your bathroom doesn’t receive a lot of natural light. They add a warm light to your room and provide extra illumination.
These mirrors are certainly striking and eye-catching. You will definitely be the envy of all your friends with one of our illuminated mirrors. Some of these LED mirrors even come with demister pads which ensures that your mirror doesn’t steam or fog up – even after a bath or shower!

Bluetooth Mirrors

We even have a wide range of Bluetooth LED mirrors. These mirrors that have Bluetooth technology allows you to connect your mobile device or computer wirelessly and plays out through a Bluetooth speaker built into the mirror. You get to play your favourite podcasts or sing and dance along with your favourite songs in the bathroom while your devices stay safe from potential water damage.

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