Buying Guide: Shower Baths

Many bathrooms don’t allow space for a separate bath and shower enclosure. Shower baths are a great compromise as they combine the space allowing you a relaxing bubble bath or a quick shower, depending on which mood you are in! Shower baths double up as a shower with a shower head fixed to wall reaching over the bath, whilst still providing the option of unwinding in a full length bath. There are a few different options when it comes to shower baths, we’ll provide all the information you need below.

Straight Shower Baths

Simple but stylish, straight shower baths will never go out of style. These shower baths are great for smaller bathrooms where space is an issue. These straight shower baths fit flush to the wall, usually slotting into one corner at one end or sometimes at both ends, depending on the width of the bathroom. The straight style shower bath is one of the most popular choices for bathrooms due to their simple but elegant design and their versatility.

P-Shaped Shower Baths

Sleek and stylish, P-Shaped shower baths really bring the elegance to your bathroom. These shower baths have a larger curved end at the shower end of the bath. This allows for plenty of space when showering and ensures that you always have an enjoyable showering experience. This larger curved end also allows for extra bathing space if you decide to have a relaxing bubble bath instead of a shower.

L-Shaped Shower Baths

L-Shaped shower baths are similar to the P-Shaped shower baths in that these also have a larger end at the shower end of the bath which allows for extra showering or bathing space. Although, unlike the P-shaped shower baths, the L-shaped shower baths have a squared-off end with sharp straight lines which makes them perfect for modern and contemporary bathrooms.

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