Giving It Large – Large Format Tiles

Large format tiles are a very popular option these days. Whether you opt for a stone-effect tile, a beautiful carrara marble-effect tile, a patchwork design or a concrete inspired tile, we have all of these options available.


Starting from 60cm long and increasing in size, large format tiles aren’t just for bathrooms, they can be used in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, conservatories and hallways. There is also a common myth that they can’t be used in smaller bathrooms or rooms where space is an issue. Large format tiles are actually a great option for smaller rooms, as you are using fewer tiles there would be far less grout lines than there would be with small tiles. It gives the feeling of spaciousness, making the room feel larger.

Affordable Luxury

You used to only see large format tiles on floors in luxury hotels and high-end retail stores. Not anymore! You can bring a sense of luxury to your home with any of these tiles. Whether it is a carrara marble-inspired porcelain tile on the floor, such as our beautiful Carrara Termateo Matt tile, in your living area or hallway, or black floor tiles matched with white metro wall tiles for an ultra-modern monochrome kitchen, or patchwork tiles in a hallway to create a vintage design, there are so many options!

Go Streamlined

Many of our large format tiles have matching smaller tile in the same range. Lay a 60cm x 60cm tile on the floor and place a matching 30cm x 60cm tile on the wall. This creates a streamlined finish to your room and with the beautiful continuity throughout will make your room setting feel larger and more spacious. Our Termateo range is available in three sizes, 120cm x 60cm, 60cm x 60cm and 30cm x 60cm and we think this tile looks fabulous when a large tile is used on the floor and a smaller size on the wall.

Let it Shine

Our large format tiles are available in various finishes. You can have a high-polished finish which gives the tiles a beautiful shine. Tiles with a high-polish finish will look great in living areas and hallways and are certain to catch the eye. Many of our stone and concrete style design large format tiles have a cool matt finish, in keeping with the style of the tiles. We also have tiles which have a lappato finish – lappato tiles have a semi-polished finish but preserve some of the original texture of the tiles.

Let’s Go Outside

Many of our porcelain large format tiles can actually be used outdoors, allowing your interior style to be extended to the exterior of your home. You will be able to have an extremely stylish patio area in your garden. Our outdoor porcelain large format tiles are tough and are made so they can deal with all weather conditions, even the Great British weather will have nothing on these tiles!


For large format tiles we recommend that you choose a grout colour that is similar to the tile. This means that your eyes aren’t drawn to the grout lines and it creates a spacious and open feeling, no matter the size of your room. Although, we know that some people love to have a contrasting grout colour to the tiles, dark grey grout with a white tile or vice versa creates an extremely stylish and dramatic look. At the end of the day grout colour is all down to personal preference. Take a look at our range of ProGrout Flexible grouts where there will be a colour to suit every design.

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