How To Makeover Your Bathroom On A Budget

Not many rooms have the ability to give away the real age and state of your home like the bathroom. From damaged tiles and faded bathroom furniture to an all-out outdated style, there’s no hiding from the telltale signs of a tired and ageing bathroom.

Luckily, making improvements in the bathroom can make the biggest impact in the home. Along with the kitchen, the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home, so any new décor and appliances will have an incredible impact on daily life – meaning the time invested will be more than worthwhile.

The best part about a bathroom makeover? It needn’t be expensive. Revamping the bathroom on a budget doesn’t mean sacrificing on style – and it’s perfectly possible to create a new, hygienic and contemporary look without breaking the bank. Here’s how…

Plan Your Design Before You Start

Your bathroom needs a makeover, but where do you start with the planning process? The bathroom needs to be a practical and functional place, but also a space that is calm and relaxing (after all, we will usually start and finish the day here), so choosing the right style is important.

Consider what type of tiles, bathroom furniture and/or fittings you will be replacing, and where they will be placed, before you make a start – this will make your makeover process much easier.

Revamp Your (Budget) Tile Style

There are plenty of inexpensive contemporary-looking tiles on the market today. Opting for fresh, neutral colours or brilliant white shades will not only give your bathroom an updated look, but will also give it a brighter, lighter look that will help create the illusion of space, too.

Outdated flooring will instantly age a bathroom. But, replacing it with modern and clean-looking inexpensive floor tiles is a low cost way of updating the bathroom and giving it a fresh new look.

Install a New Vanity Unit

Scratches, spills and general daily wear and tear can take its toll on even the most sturdy sinks or vanities. But replacing your old basin with a contemporary vanity unit will not only give it a fresh new look, but will also provide practical counter space and plenty of storage top keep your bathroom essentials out of sight. Click here to see our range of affordable vanity units and bathroom furniture.

Add A Sleek New Mirror

A great mirror is a crucial element for the modern bathroom – and an inexpensive way to add a contemporary feel to the space, too. Not only do we spend plenty of time grooming and preening in front of it, a carefully placed mirror will enhance light, create the illusion of space and add to the room’s ambience. Click here to find your ideal bathroom mirror.

Update Your Fixtures

If your bathroom has plenty of light and space but just looking a little tired – or if you don’t have the budget for a new sink, vanity unit or shower enclosure – then updating your bathroom fixtures is a cheap and cheerful way of adding a new lease of life to your bathroom. Replacing old mixer taps, towel rails and toilet paper holders with new contemporary styles to instantly bring your bathroom up to date, while switching an old shower for a contemporary rainfall shower will also make a world of difference, too.

Scrub The Tub

Time will take its toll on even the best bathtubs – but a deep clean with general household products – and some elbow grease – can make an ageing, discoloured tub sparkle again.

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