Tile Materials

Tiles are a great choice when it comes to your walls and floors – there are endless choices, colours, designs and patterns to choose from. Not only that but tiles are durable and pretty easy to clean and maintain. Tiles don’t have to just be used in bathrooms and kitchens these days, most rooms of the home could now benefit from having tiles in them! Below we describe the different types of tiles and their benefits.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic tiles are made by taking mixtures of clay which are pressed and are baked in a kiln at high temperatures. Ceramic tiles are probably the most common tiles found in the house as they are versatile and are suitable for many room settings. They are durable which makes them ideal for the floor in kitchens, bathrooms and even hallways. They are available in many different designs and patterns meaning they are also suitable for creating a stunning feature wall. Ceramic tiles are generally cheaper than porcelain tiles.

Porcelain Tiles

Porcelain tiles are produced by using finer clays than ceramic tiles and are fired at higher temperatures meaning they are incredibly dense and hard. This makes porcelain tiles suitable for most wall and floor settings in the home as well as busy commercial floors where traffic is high. They also have a very low absorption rate of 0.5% which effectively means they are nearly waterproof. In some cases, porcelain tiles can be used in outdoor settings too.

Glass Tiles

Glass tiles can be a stunning addition to your room and we particularly like glass tiles being used as a splashback in kitchens or as a feature wall. They can be cleaned easily with a quick wipe and shouldn’t leave any permanent stains or marks. Glass tiles also offer a clean and minimalistic aesthetic. The only drawback with glass tiles is that they can be chipped easily which is why we think they are best suited to splashbacks in a kitchen or bathroom.

Mosaic Tiles

Most of our mosaics are made from glass so they have very similar qualities to the glass tiles above. We believe they look great being used as a splashback in a kitchen or used to create a stunning feature wall. Mosaics tiles can also be cut down to create borders which can be used to break up a stretch of a tiled wall. We also have a range of ceramic, porcelain and natural shell mosaics, all of which would look great in a number of room settings.

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