Trend: Add A Touch Of Luxury With Affordable Marble-Effect Tiles

One of the most interesting, versatile and highly desired interior trends for 2017 is marble. Though its neutral colour scheme makes it an ideal choice for revamping the home with a fresh new look, its characteristic veining will add plenty timeless personality to an interior space.

Affordable Luxury

Traditionally associated with a refined taste (it has been used in palaces and castles – and adorns the famously lavish Taj Mahal, no less), marble’s luxurious finish adds instant grandness to both walls and floors.

But, luxurious materials come with equally lavish price tags – and marble is no exception. Though, one of the biggest deterrents to using marble in the past has been the price, the good news is that there is a range of affordable marble effect tiles now available.

A firm favourite of both designers and DIY-ers alike, marble effect porcelain and ceramic tiles combine aesthetics, affordability and practicality.  Though marble effect tiles offer the look of real marble (it is extremely difficult to tell the difference), they also provide a solution that’s sturdy, less dense, and more porous than real marble. This makes marble effect tiles an ideal choice for rooms in the home that real marble might not be suitable – such as kitchens, bathrooms and any areas in the home that are subject to high traffic, humidity and vast changes in temperature.

Versatile Design

Though marble has played a huge role in Greek and Roman history, and is renowned for being the preferred material of sculptors and architects, today’s marble designs transcend time to offer a modern look that suits both classic and contemporary style homes. Its polished appearance will not only lend a touch of elegance to a space, but will also add plenty of clarity and a spacious feel.

With plenty of variety, versatility and flexibility, marble and marble effect tiles offer an on trend style that can be personalised to suit any given interior setting.

Neutral shades of whites, beiges, browns and greys are the most common colours of marble effect tiles available in the UK today. Ranging from luminous to warming, today’s natural hues offer understated luxury and a subtly elegant backdrop that will complement almost any other colours or materials.

Perfect Pairing

With mixing and matching being another huge trend, there are no boundaries when it comes to pairing marble effect tiles. Rich woods – and indeed wood effect tiles – have become a popular choice, while juxtaposing neutral marble tiles with pops of colour can make an eye-catching statement. Likewise, opting to pair marble effect tiled floors with matching matching marble effect tiled floors will create a big impact that offers plenty of luxury and a timeless appeal.

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