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Underfloor is becoming increasingly popular and we can see why – it provides a luxurious way of keeping warm. Walking on icy cold floors in the middle of the winter isn’t very welcoming but imagine how inviting it would be with underfloor heating. Underfloor heating can be used in any room of the house, it’s up to you where you want it! Electric underfloor heating doesn’t rely on wet central heating and can be used in conjunction with it or as a stand alone heating system.

Underfloor heating comes in heating mats which are placed beneath a tiled surface and radiates heat upwards through the surface. The heating mats are sold by the square metre and are available from 1 sqm to 10 sqm.

It can be used with all kinds of tile including ceramic, porcelain and natural stone which can all get cold, especially in the winter. If you have wood, laminate, vinyl or carpet floors, it is essential that you get professional advice before deciding whether to choose an underfloor heating system.

It is recommended that you install a programmable thermostat combined unit. The timer / thermostat is used to monitor the temperature at floor level. If the system you are using is for zonal heating, you should use a floor thermostat and if you are using it for the sole source heating then you should use a combined air and floor thermostat. Simple thermostats with just an on / off function are also available.

There are many benefits to using underfloor heating:

  • Underfloor heating takes advantage of the whole floor space and distributes heat evenly which prevents different parts of the room to feel warmer or cooler than other parts
  • It is concealed from view and saves space which could allow additional storage if needed
  • Your floors will always be toasty and warm, whatever the weather is like outside
  • Underfloor heating can be placed in any room in the house and in as many rooms as you want
  • The underfloor heating is fast warming so you don’t have to wait long to get toasty floors
  • Any excess moisture will dry quicker which makes it especially ideal for bathrooms and kitchens
  • Installation is relatively straightforward and once installed requires little maintenance
  • Heat radiates meaning dust and bacteria is not spread around the room

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