Why Choose Tiles

When it comes to updating your home tiles are as popular as they have ever been. Due to the advancement in technology you can get so many different designs of tiles, wood-effect, stone-effect, marble-effect and patchwork and printed tiles among many other choices! There are so many options of sizes, from our 20cm x 10cm Metro brick tiles to our stunning 120cm x 120cm porcelain floor tiles, there is a tile size suitable for every room setting. Our tiles are also available in a huge array of colours, designs, finishes and material. Browse through our tiles section and see for yourself!


If you choose ceramic or porcelain floor tiles then these are durable – they are designed to withstand heavy traffic and don’t need much maintenance once they have been installed. To keep your floor tiles looking fresh, all you will need is a quick sweep, wash or simple spray of your preferred tile cleaner. They are also water-resistant meaning that they won’t absorb water and any spills can easily be wiped away.

A Great Investment

As mentioned above, our ceramic and porcelain tiles are extremely durable. This also means that they don’t need to be changed often unlike carpet or real wood flooring. They are great value for money because as long as they are installed correctly, once the tiles are down they can stay there for years and years to come.


Tiles are very dense – this means that they don’t allow the build-up of dust and dirt, meaning they are ideal for homeowners who, (like me!), suffer with allergies or asthma. Tiles heat up quickly and retain heat well which also makes them ideal for use with underfloor heating.


Tiles don’t just work well on bathroom walls and floors or in kitchens as a stylish splashback, we believe that conservatories, living areas and even some external areas will benefit from having some fantastic-looking tiles being installed. Due to the advancement in technology, tiles can now be made to replicate the look of different materials including stone and marble. We particularly love wood-effect tiles, they have the beautiful look of natural wood but have the durability and low-maintenance that come with ceramic or porcelain tiles. You get the best of both worlds!

Compared to other flooring options such as carpet, real wood flooring, vinyl and laminates, we think tiles really stand the test of time and as there are so many options you will definitely find the right tile for your style and your room setting. Due to their hardwearing nature and low-maintenance we think tiles are the right option for you home.

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